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Kelchterhoef is a family-friendly walking park in the middle of De Wijers. Here you can take a walk, enjoy nature or have a nice snack in hoeve Jan or the Abdijhoeve.

Here you can find out a little about the domain:

Domäne Kelchterhoef

  • The access lane

From the remarkable access lane with festive flags, adapted planting, rustic lighting and sustainable benches, you can look out at the Abdijhoeve, a high quality culinary restaurant with large banqueting rooms.         

  • Kelchterhoef-Tenhaagdoorn walking map

Opposite the Abdijhoeve, begin your visit to Kelchterhoef with clear information panels and nice wooden signposts. 

You will walk through centuries-old tree-lined avenues and past rustic ponds.

You can relax in one of the former farmsteads. In Ten Haagdoorn you will then once more venture through mysterious swamp forests with moors shrouded in mystery...

In Kelchterhoef you will discover De Wijers in all its aspects: taking a picnic on the water, strolling on the long deck path over the pond or splashing in the water on the rope bridge: anything goes!

Here you will find both short walks through the park and longer walks that you can also take past Ten Haagdoorn... Norbert the Oak guides the smallest children via the Beastly Tree Path through the domain (green route).

  • The chestnut lane

From the old oak in Kelchterhoef, a 250-year-old chestnut lane (kastanjedreef) leads you through the park. This lane was the original access route to Kelchterhoef from Houthalen. Lanes were used to make an impression on visitors. In addition, the trees planted along the road sheltered people and horses from any extreme weather. The oldest part of the kastanjedreef to the old oak is made up of tremendously thick sweet chestnuts that are at least a few hundred years old! The chestnut trees in the lane were cared for and repaired where necessary. Dead wood was removed, they were pruned and a safety zone was made for the roots of the trees. A nice path now runs through the lane, with art sofas for daydreaming along the way. A tree staircase lets you climb to the crown of one of the trees... centuries-old trees in the historic kastanjedreef receive substantial care.

A new waking path has been laid through the lane. A tree staircase even allows you to climb into an old chestnut tree and go in search of woodpeckers.

  • Dog play area

Within a well-defined area (approx. 1 ha) dogs do not have to be kept on a lead, and can run free in nature. The necessary sense of responsibility is still naturally expected of dog owners

  • The oven

The oven in Hoeve Jan was built by the VDAB via a small-scale training site.
Now pies and bread can be baked here once again in the traditional manner!
On the occasion of the reconstruction of the oven, the VDAB have published a 'Kelchterhoef ovenjournal'. This is available free of charge from VVV-Toerisme. 

  • Ecological playground

While the parents are enjoying a lovely terrace at Hoeve Jan, the kids can have a whale of a time in the nature adventure playground.

  • Play wood for children

Slightly older children will really enjoy playing in the play wood at De Bosberg. From the playground play items indicate the way to the play wood.

  •  Wooden decking and new bridge

The new wooden 'attractions' guarantee you will have an adventurous walking route.

The whole is made up among other things of a pond bridge with a suspension bridge for children, a tree bench to laze on, boardwalks (with picnic areas) on the pond at Hoeve Mieneke and a corduroy road through the swamp forest.

  • Art in the park

If you want to go and sit in the shade on a lazy Sunday, you need to discover the sofas.

The 5 nearby sofas provide a modern, colourful touch. The designs fitted in with a competition to act in an original way on the demand for display opportunities on the part of local artists and pupils (children) of the Academy of Fine Arts.


  • Catering & special picnic areas

Kelchterhoef remains the place to be to take a nice seat on a terrace or to come for a nice meal.

Or take a picnic in your favourite spot in a green setting: settle down on the great tree bench or the brand new picnic deck in the reeds, take your pick from one of the five art sofas or put your picnic blanket on the grass.

Book your filled picnic basket in advance: basic or deluxe!

On the domain you will also find a star spotballooning,  the De Binnenvaart campsite, the De Bosberg holiday centre,  the De Plas recreation park (Mediterranean water pool with well-defined swimming area, water sports: sailing - surfing - diving), Paintball ArenaClimbing point



Kelchterhoefstraat (domain) 
of Binnenvaartstraat (de Plas)
3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

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